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150 by Asanti
Product SKU: A1W11448

150 Wheels By Asanti. Asanti wheels are known all over the globe as a standard for both extreme durability and astonishing design. The secret of the flawless quality of Asanti wheels lies in the manufacturing process used by the company's experts. The forging process modifies the molecular structure of metal due to the combination of enormous pressure and heat applied to a wheel. The first stage starts by heating a billet of alloy and pressing it in a forging press. Depending on the wheel type (monoblock, 2-piece, or 3-piece), the next steps can have variations. After the final design is achieved, the wheel is given the finish. As forging involves enormous pressure, the material becomes extremely compact, which means there will be no voids or porosity that, in the long run, can lead to cracks and corrosion. Dense structure enables forged wheels to maintain their luster for a much longer period of time compared to cast wheels.  GIVE US A CALL TO SPEAK TO ONE OF OUR WHEEL EXPERTS ABOUT SPECIAL FITMENTS AND/OR PRICING.

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Product SKU: A1W11448

Outer:Chrome    Inner: Natural    Center: Chrome    
Outer: Cast   Inner: Cast   Center: Forged   Pieces: 2
Outer: Forged   Inner: Forged   Center: Forged   Pieces: 3

Front Wheel Size: x2 =
Rear Wheel Size: x2 =


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